Totto's Yakitori

Yakitori Totto has proudly been open since 2003.
Our Chickens are  from local  upstate New York, and our special Yakitori sauce – "TARE", which includes 5 selected ingredients from Japan are carefully simmered down with vegetables to present a fascinating amount of sweetness.

Our Unique Yakitori Menu
-Shishito Tsukune
Our Japanese shishito stuffed chicken meatball is our original items and one of

the unique one. Shishitos are delegated none spicy pepper but among them there are
exception. If you've got one, like we say "you've got a luck".

-Lamb Chops
Smoked with oak and fagus crenata, jugulars aliantifolia, hickory and cherry blossom
of tree bark.

-Chicken Hearts
Prepared from three chickens to correct one skewers.

-Hatsu moto
"Muscle Underneath the Heart" – Prepared from four chickens to correct one skewers.


Our Chefs that put they're heart on one and each of skewers are spectacular from cutting to seasoning. "YAKIKAGEN" by meaning of professional eyes and artistic handling. Thanks for our chefs that present you perfect and irresistible Yakitori piece.



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